How The Working Mum Can Keep Connected With Her Children

According to, about 71% of mothers with children younger than 18-years-old were in the labor force in 2012, compared to 47% in 1975. Because of this workforce trend, mothers often have less time available to spend with their children. However, thanks to technological advances, there are numerous ways mothers can keep in touch with their children during the workday.

Indoor Smart Cameras

One of the most popular ways for mothers to keep an eye on their children is via the use of indoor smart cameras. These cameras, often referred to as “nanny cams”, can help mothers not only keep tabs on their children, but also help to ensure the overall security of their homes. A number of these cameras are equipped with remote access, video recording, and more. These cameras often have their own security measures as well. These include: device registration, composing strong passwords, and encrypting the WiFi.

Cellular Phones

While having a house phone seems to have become a thing of the past, children possessing cellular phones has become the new standard. A phone call home during the workday is still a preferred method of “check-in” for many mothers. More than just providing verbal reassurance, most cellular phones have GPS and tracking apps to verify exact locations. Exchanging text messages is also another preferred way of communication. Some mothers are even trying to be more creative and using different messaging apps or even via social media to keep in touch with their children.

Personal GPS Locator Devices

These GPS tracking devices are designed to be small and lightweight, making it easy for working mothers to be at ease concerning the whereabouts of their children. Some of these devices provide automatic updates to the parents when their children enter/exit at school or home. Tracking each child’s location is also capable via one’s smartphone or computer. These GPS devices also allow for parents to set alarms to be notified of their child’s location during specific times of the day. These tracking devices vary in both size and price.

There are more working mothers per household than ever before. One thing that has remained consistent, however, is the desire for working mothers to keep tabs on their children during the day. Fortunately, the advances in technology have made this inclination feasible.


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