Why Your Teen Needs a Positive Role Model

If you can remember back to your teenage years, you can likely remember a few people who weren’t the best role models for you. If you spent a lot of time with these people, you may have made some decisions you regret. Read on to learn exactly why your teen needs a positive role model.

They’re in a Developmentally Sensitive Stage

An individual’s teenage years are the time when they are becoming their own person. During this time, they separate from their parents slightly to determine who they are as an individual. The people they choose to spend their time with and look up to can ultimately determine the type of person they become. 

As they mature and grow, they’ll implement the traits of those they look up to. If they spend time with the wrong crowd, this could mean legal trouble and other serious issues. However, a positive role model can set an example for your child and give them the tactics they need to become a responsible adult. 


Improve Their Outcomes

As previously mentioned, a positive role model can help your child stay out of trouble. Often, the teenagers who become involved in destructive and illegal habits do so because that’s what their friends and role models do. They do it to feel cool, or to belong. However, spending time with these individuals lowers your child’s chances of seeing success in their life. 

When they spend their formative years with responsible, good role models, They’ll have a better chance of going further, including graduating from high school, getting a job, and going to college. Teens need a positive mentor in their lives to set healthy goals.

Give Them More Opportunities

Besides encouraging your child to try harder themselves, a good role model can bring your child new opportunities as well. Bad role models can expose your children to illegal activity and harmful behavior. Good role models, on the other hand, can be a network for your children to use for the rest of their life. 

If these role models go to a college, they can tell your child about scholarships or enrollment opportunities. They can help them find a job, meet new people, and get involved in the community. Your teenager will want to impress their friends with their abilities. If they have responsible friends that are headed down the right path, your teenager will work harder to impress them.

Your child’s teenage years form them into the person they’re going to become. If they spend time with the wrong people, they can end up being led down a path of destruction and trouble. Giving your child a positive role model can make them a stronger and wiser adult.

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