Why Your Kids Should Drink Milk


Got Milk? We all remember the massive campaign the milk industry put out in the 1990s and continued through the 2000s before being discontinued in 2014. This decades-long campaign brought milk to the forefront of the American mind when considering health, especially for children. But kids today don’t have this campaign to teach them about the importance of milk consumption for healthy growth and development. But just because the iconic “got milk?” campaign isn’t around anymore doesn’t mean that milk has become any less important. Here are three important reasons why you kids should drink milk.

Promotes Healthy Growth

The first reason why your kids should drink milk is because milk helps promote healthy growth in children. Milk contains all sorts of important nutrients that help to give your kids the building blocks their bodies need to develop into healthy adults. Milk is a great source of protein, as well as packing in tons of vitamins and minerals, from calcium and potassium to vitamin A and zinc, which are all known to be instrumental for growth during childhood. While milk is not essential for healthy growth, it is a super tool to help support children in healthy growth and nutrition.

Build Strong Bones

Another important reason that your kids should drink milk is because milk helps build strong bones. Like mentioned earlier, milk is a great source of calcium, which can help support bone density and strength. But more than that, milk combines this calcium with Vitamin D. According to Maccaro Pediatric Dentistry, vitamin D in milk is great for your bones and your teeth. Vitamin D is important to help your body absorb and utilize the calcium in your milk to put it to use strengthening and fortifying your children’s bones and teeth. If you want to help your children support bone density and growth, milk is a great way to go.


Support Healthy Blood Pressure

The final reason that your kids should drink milk is because milk can help support healthy blood pressure levels. Momjunction reminds us that studies have shown that milk consumption, in combination with a low salt diet, helps to keep childhood blood pressure levels within healthy ranges. A healthy blood pressure is important for everyone, but especially children. High blood pressure can be an indicator of all sorts of issues ranging from heart disease to diabetes.

Milk is one of the greatest foods that can support your children through their development. Milk contains calcium and Vitamin D for healthy growth and bone health and can keep blood pressure in check for kids. So, make sure there is always a gallon of milk in your fridge for your children.

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