Why You Should Ride Bikes With Your Kids

Besides being a great physical activity, bike riding with your kids is simply fun. It combines physical exercise with a fun outdoor sport. Here are some reasons why riding bikes is an excellent family activity to do with your kids.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of riding a bike regularly are nearly endless. For one, bike riding makes you happy. Why? The rigorous physical activity makes your body release endorphins, which gives you a natural high. Do you need to pull your tweens and teenagers out of their daily funk? Get on your bikes and take the family bike riding. Another health benefit is weight loss. Boosting your cardio workout through regular cycling is one of the best ways to lose weight. In fact, it burns about 400 calories an hour. So, if you have been sitting in front of the screen too long or your kids have been munching on too many snacks, get everyone outdoors and on their bikes. Just make sure everyone is wearing adequate protection. Jerry Jenkins advises that although bikes offer plenty of health benefits, the lack of protection a bike offers makes safety a top priority for riders.

Environmental Benefits

Bike riding doesn’t just benefit you and your kids; it benefits the environment, too. With traffic jams clogging the streets, according to Share the Road, you’ll be doing your part to help ease traffic congestion. And if you consider taking your bikes to other destinations, such as the park or museum, you’ll be teaching your kids to live sustainably. In addition, riding bikes means you’re not contributing to gas emissions, which means you’re teaching your kids to be environmentally conscious as well.

Quality Family Time Together

Screen time is eating into too much of our daily lives, for both children and adults. Taking your kids out on a family bike ride is a way to spend time together away from electronics. It’s not just the act of bike riding that’s fun, what’s also fun is planning other activities in addition to cycling. Plan a picnic at the park, bike to the neighbourhood pool or even combine bike riding with subway rides.

Bike riding offers health benefits, environmental benefits and provides quality family time away from electronics. As long as everyone is wearing adequate protection and obeying traffic laws, your family will be getting exercise and having fun. It’s a win-win activity.

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