Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Eggs

Using modern technology, doctors are now able to freeze—keep them safe—your reproductive cells. There are many reasons why a woman might want to do this, but because it is still kind of a taboo subject for some people, it can be hard to get good information on it. Here is why you should think about freezing your eggs!

You Aren’t Ready Now

Some women just don’t feel ready to be a parent right now. This is fairly normal and common in today’s society. Many women want to be sexually active, but don’t want to risk conception. They also don’t feel confident enough in birth control and don’t feel moral about abortion.

This is when freezing your eggs can be the perfect solution. You can temporarily remove and save the eggs until you are ready to commit. The surgery can cost quite a bit though, so think carefully before you decide if this is right for you.


Your Eggs Supply is Limited

Women have a set number of eggs stored in their ovaries. Once they are born, they will not produce anymore. However, some women are born with a drastically reduced number of eggs in the first place. If they want any hope of having a child with their own genes, they need to freeze them long before they run out.

Typically, these women will have some sort of fertility condition they have to work through, making sexual conception difficult. Thankfully, IVF treatments can be completed with a frozen or fresh embryo. In these situations, it is perfectly reasonable to freeze your eggs.

Your Undergoing Medical Treatment

Another great reason a woman should do this is that they are going through harsh medical treatment. Some diseases, conditions, or even treatments can harm your egg cells. If you are young and haven’t had children yet, this can be devastating. However, freezing your eggs can keep them safe when you overcome your health problems.

Ask your doctor if your condition warrants freezing your eggs. Some types of insurance cover the procedure. If your insurance does not, plenty of charities extend help to women going through this difficult time. No matter what happens, you will be able to have hope that you can be a parent one day.

These situations can be tough enough. But discovering you cannot have children can make your grief even deeper. The freezing process has given people worldwide hope that they will be able to have children. It can work for you too!

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