Why You Should Be More Attentive as a Parent


Being a parent is exhausting on so many levels. As your child grows up and starts to become more independent, it can be tempting to step back and become less attentive so they take up less of your energy. However, it’s equally as important to be attentive to your teenagers to keep them out of trouble.

Know When Something’s Wrong

When you’re a teenager, it can be difficult to be vulnerable about the things that are troubling you, especially with your parents. Many teenagers feel as though their parents don’t understand them, and would judge them harshly for their decisions. If you spend more time with your teenager, you’ll get to know them all that much better. They’ll feel closer to you, and be more willing to open up about things that are difficult for them. Even if they don’t speak to you about these things, being more attentive will help you understand when something isn’t right with them. If you’re attentive, you’ll be able to see the signs.

Better Life Outcomes

Teenagers go through so much during those formative years, and can turn to destructive behaviors if they’re not taught alternatives. If you’re involved in your children’s lives, they’ll be able to learn healthier coping mechanisms from you that can prevent these negative outcomes. If they do run into trouble, you’ll be aware enough to catch and stop it early. Youth that receive early interventions are more likely to graduate high school. Your attentiveness can save your child from legal trouble, and ensure they have every opportunity for success in the future.


Prevent Bad Decisions

Your children look to you for everything. Even your teenagers are constantly watching what you do and how you react in different situations. If you’re inattentive and don’t spend a lot of time with them, your teenager will start to act out to get your attention. They crave your attention so badly that they’ll do anything to get it. If, however, you pay them regular attention and spend time with them, they won’t need to go to these extremes.

Being an attentive parent is so important when it comes to raising healthy and happy kids. Your role as a parent is to guide your children during their adolescence so they learn how to take care of themselves and others. Being attentive to them and their needs can make all the difference in their likelihood of success.

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