Why Social Media is Important to Career Health

When many think about social media, they think of social commentary, delectable photos of food and vacations, and cute pet videos. But social media can be a powerful tool to help you learn new skills and advance your career. Knowing how to hone the power of social media is extremely important. Here is why social media is important to career health.

Social Media is a Second Resume

When you create a social media profile, it can help future employers and clients get a better feel for your industry expertise, understand your background, and get a glimpse into your skills to ensure that you would be the right person for the job. Wordstream recommends keeping your professional social media profile professional social media profile updated with your most current skills and employment. What’s more, your social media presence can be linked to a blog or website that can provide those interested with a more in-depth offering of what you can offer.

Social Media is a Networking Essential

Many careers depend on networking. In fact, according to Lead Agent, real estate agents will spend their first year building connections and networking. Using online employment and career platforms provides a great opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion with others in your field, seek out mentors, and provide insight and help to those who may need it. Another great aspect of social media is it can give you instant access to recruiters in your field who you may not meet in the real world. These recruiters can be the leg up you need to get the job you really want.

Social Media Can Help You Increase Your Skills

Social media can help you to increase your skills by connecting you with people knowledgeable and content specialized to your career field. Most social media sites allow for the content you view to be arranged specifically to your likes. To give yourself an advantage over other competitors in your field, Careers Linked advises following employment sites that provide insightful articles and information about your career. For further advancement, make a list of companies you would like to work for in the future and follow them as well, as this will give you insight into the companies themselves and what they are looking for in future employees.

Social media is beneficial beyond connecting with loved ones. Make sure to keep your professional social media profile up to date and utilize the widely available information at your disposable to enhance your skills and brush up on your understanding of your chosen industry. With careful planning, networking and attention to detail, your social media presence can put you on the right path to career success.

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