What to Teach Your Kids About Doing Their Part to Save the Environment

The environment you live in is changing, and it will change even more as your children grow and come of age. That’s why it’s essential to teach kids about doing their part to save the planet. Here are a few important lessons to pass on to your children.

Know Your Own Footprint

It’s hard for children to understand how much they can help until they understand their own footprint in the world. Help your child calculate his or her impact on the planet. There are online tools that can help, or you can simply sit down and list how the decisions a person makes each day affect the world.

Once your child knows what an impact he or she has on the world, it’s easier to make small changes that can benefit the environment. It will also help your child think before making consequential decisions. Being mindful is one of the first steps when trying to help the planet.

Aim for Progress

Even adults can feel overwhelmed when trying to make positive changes for the environment. That’s why it’s important to teach kids to aim for progress instead of perfection.

While it’s important to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, your children shouldn’t be made to feel like failures if they forget every once in a while. In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed about the enormity of saving the planet, it’s important to acknowledge small wins and offer grace. This gives children the endurance to keep going.

Look to the Future

A perfect solution is not presently available for our planet, but technological advances are currently being developed. Teach your child to look to the future and not give up on finding new ways to protect and heal the environment. To encourage kids, point out current green energy approaches we already have available.

That isn’t to say current green energy solutions aren’t without their cons. Not every green solution has been perfected, and some still have impacts it would be best to avoid. When teaching kids, speak honestly about improvements that need to be made and brainstorm strategies to achieve them. Don’t just hit on buzzwords. Dig deep into ways to be informed about how everything we do impacts the planet.

The planet belongs to all of us, and it is imperative that we teach our children how to save the world we are leaving them. Make environmental education a part of your child’s everyday life.

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