Ways to Help Your Children Grow Up with Healthy Bones & Teeth

Ways to Help Your Children Grow Up with Healthy Bones & Teeth

As a parent, the well-being of your child is your top priority. But no child comes with a how-to (no matter how much we wish they did!), and that includes things like health. Your child’s bones and teeth form the foundation of their health — when you pay attention to these two benchmarks, their whole health benefits. Use these simple tips to facilitate stronger teeth and bones as your child grows up.

Good Nutrition

It’s no secret that kids looove junk food. And while you love to see them smile, these foods are usually nutritionally bankrupt. While a little junk food here and shouldn’t do much harm, consistently poor nutrition can have long-term negative effects. Bones and teeth are complicated, and need a variety of nutrients to be strong. Make sure your child gets plenty of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, whole grains, eggs, cheeses, and milk. To get the complete range of nutrition for your child, have them take a daily multivitamin. There are many great children’s multivitamins on the market that taste more like candy than vitamins, which is especially helpful if you have a picky eater.


The way your child uses their body in their early years affects how their body develops. When children get lots of exercise, their muscles and bones grow much stronger than they would otherwise — a benefit that stays with your child for life. Fortunately, children are always on the move. They are instinctively compelled to exercise as part of normal physical development. Encourage them to do the things that come naturally, like running, jumping, and climbing, for at least 3 hours every day (NHS).

Dental Hygiene

Brushing three times a day for at least a minute each is a minimum to ensure healthy teeth. Also avoid sugary foods like juice, candy, and fruit right before bed. Their teeth will stay nice and white, but more importantly, controlling plaque will promote gum health as well as help prevent cavities and tooth decay. You also teach them a healthy habit to last a lifetime.

Restrict Thumb Sucking

From a young age most children suck their thumbs. This is nothing to be worried about when they are toddlers. But according to Dunn Orthodontics, it can affect how their teeth grow as they get older, causing something called openbite — when the front upper and lower teeth failing to meet, which affects both eating and speech. So if the thumb-sucking doesn’t stop naturally after a few years, find ways to discourage them. If they persist, there are special retainers available to prevent children from doing this. It may be uncomfortable for them to wear, but it will prevent them from sticking their thumb in their mouth.

Regular Doctor and Dentist Appointments

Finally, make a point of taking your children to see their doctors and dentists regularly. These are trained specialists with special tools to check up on your child’s health in ways that you can’t. They administer immunizations that keep your child safe from deadly illnesses like smallpox and polio. They can also identify development issues like scoliosis and crooked teeth, and then take the necessary steps to keep this issues from getting worse.

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