Unique Ways to Teach Your Children How to Be Responsible

Teaching your child responsibility doesn’t have to be boring for them. There are plenty of fun opportunities that help kids learn about consequences and responsibility when they are young. Try these unique approaches to helping your children learn valuable lessons.

Grow a Garden

Growing a garden offers your child a chance to be responsible while gaining an understanding of how the environment works. A child will have to decide what to plant and make sure they choose the right seeds for the right season. They will then be tasked with watering plants regularly, and they will have to weed the garden to keep it tidy and healthy. Growing a garden gives children a visual way to learn about plants and see what happens when you don’t take your responsibilities seriously. The garden obviously won’t thrive if a child doesn’t take care of it, and they will be able to see this and store it as a memory to learn from throughout life. When the garden grows, your child will see the payoff of all their work and develop a deeper appreciation for nature.

Adopt a Dog

Children need to be old enough to truly understand how important it is to care for a pet properly. With some guidance, they can help raise and train a dog, and that is one of the most fun ways to learn responsibility. According to SpiritDog Training, when it comes to training the dog, approach training as positive and reward-based, and help your children understand the need for effective communication between them and their dog. This offers lessons in communication, empathy and overall responsibility. Besides training, a child has to walk a dog and make sure it is fed. Turn over as much responsibility for the pet as is age-appropriate for your child, and watch them enjoy growing more disciplined.


School-aged kids aren’t too young to try their hands at business. Letting a child run a lemonade stand or sell crafts at a fair are great ways to teach responsibility. It also teaches money management, customer service and business skills. Being supportive of a child’s entrepreneurial spirit is important. Help guide a child who shows interest, but let them make key decisions and take risks.

There’s nothing like having a personal stake in a product to motivate a child to make responsible decisions. Teaching responsibility doesn’t have to be a chore for you or your child. Embrace unique ways to raise responsible kids, and enjoy the journey.

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