Top 5 Perks of Traveling for Business

As a working mom, it can be difficult to leave your children behind while you travel for work. On the one hand, you get some uninterrupted me time, but on the other, you may feel like you are run off your feet just before your trip, trying to get everything put together. While it may seem more trouble than it is worth, here are some of the perks of traveling for business that can make it a little easier to handle.

Collecting Mileage Points

Before you begin traveling for business, sign up for any reward programs that are offered by the companies you will be using for travel. One of the biggest perks your employer might offer is allowing you to use your airline perks number and keep any points that your travel accrues. This can result in free or discounted personal travel or other benefits when cashing in those points. Who doesn’t want a free flight to Hawaii or a free upgrade on their next cross-country or international flight?

Free Rental Car Days!

While cabs and public transportation are generally available in big cities, a huge perk of business travel is the company paying for a car rental. Many car rental companies offer discounts to businesses, which means that you have free transportation in a nice car that you don’t have to pay for. Additionally, your company may allow you to use your rewards memberships with the rental booking through the company. As the rental days accrue, so will your offers and free personal rental days.

Hotel Perks

Many hotels are increasing the perks offerings they provide to their members, especially business members. Generally, when a company is approving a hotel stay, the company will approve a high-quality hotel that they use for a lot of travel. These hotels get the business because they cater to your needs as a business traveler. Some perks include faster internet, express check-out, and access to dedicated facilities for business.

Amazing Dinner Opportunities

With the per diem provided by companies, you have the opportunity to dine in restaurants you may not otherwise have visited. You also get the chance to experience some restaurants that may not be available at home. You should always try a restaurant they can’t find anywhere else.

Networking Opportunities

One of the best perks of traveling for business is the networking opportunities it opens up for you. You will have the opportunity to meet new people in your company, your industry, or both. Use this time to develop valuable connections. Doing well in business is part what you can do and part who you know, so don’t pass up this opportunity.

Overall, traveling for business has many perks. It can definitely make up for the mad rush that happens right before you leave, and you know your family will be excited to see you when you get home again.

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