Tips to Help Your Kids Get Better Brushing Technique

Every child must learn to brush their teeth at some point during childhood, and parents often struggle with how to help their children practice good oral hygiene. Kids often rebel against brushing their teeth or may simply get lazy in their techniques. The struggle is real, but that does not mean parents must settle for a child with a mouth full of cavities. There are several ways to teach effective oral practices that are also fun. Here are some of the best ways to improve your kid’s technique.


Make Practicing a Game

There are many fun ways for children to practice proper teeth brushing using something besides their own mouth. Parents can buy them puppets or large toys with overly large teeth to practice on. Use the toy, along with a toothbrush, to practice circular brushing motions as well as time management. Set a timer for two minutes and let them have fun brushing the large teeth on their new toy. Make it a game and then have the kids switch over to their own teeth. Make it fun for them to brush their teeth in the same way and in the same time as they did for their toy.


Do Not Let Minutes Drag

According to Sabal Dentistry, brushing should only take about two minutes and should be done twice a day. For a young child, two minutes can drag on forever. It is up to the parents to make that time fly by and help their children keep the “two-minute technique” fresh in their minds. A great way to do this is to make it fun. Play a catchy two-minute song that kids can dance to while they are brushing. Or parents can brush along with their child and make funny faces in the mirror.


Floss for Fun

Flossing is often a lot harder for children (and adults) to maintain daily. One thing parents can do is buy their children “floss wands” rather than traditional dental floss. The wands are easier for children to handle and more fun. Parents can create counting games with the wands, so children do not miss any teeth. They can also give out “teeth points” for every bit of debris that a child flosses from their teeth. These points can later be “cashed in” for rewards. If a child knows some form of reward is waiting, they will be much more willing to do an effective job flossing and seek out those little bits of debris between their teeth.


If a young child is having fun, they can accomplish almost anything. Create a fun atmosphere when teaching proper brushing techniques and children will be sure to accomplish the very best in oral health!

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