Thinking About Becoming a Foster Parent? Here are Some Factors to Consider

The Importance of Foster Parents

In a perfect world, all children would be well taken care of, loved, secure and safe. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and many children are neglected, abused, scared and living in unsafe conditions. These are the children who desperately need the help of a foster family. These children need a safe and loving place to live with the hope they will eventually be adopted into a good home. The number of foster families required is consistently rising, but this is still a significant decision for any family. Making this decision requires a great deal of courage and every foster family deserves a round of applause for changing the life of a child for the better. Fostering a child also provides the family with a wide range of benefits. These benefits are described below.

Making a Difference

The number one reason most families decide to foster a child is because they want to make a positive difference. These families realize how vulnerable these children are and how much they are needed. These families give these children safety security, support, reassurance, encouragement and most importantly they provide them with love. The attention and care received by these children becomes a part of them and can last for their entire lives. Making this kind of a difference in the life of a child brings about an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment. Once a family has changed a life for the better, this knowledge changes the way they see the world.

The Best Feeling in the World

Fostering can be an incredibly rewarding experience. This step will require an incredibly massive leap of faith, but the rewards far exceed the risks. Being in the position to help a child is a privileged feeling and not only improves the life of the child but the family as well. Fostering a child builds an unbreakable bond that helps the child grow and fills the family with a sense of peace and happiness. Watching a child start out as unconfident, shy, timid and scared then transform into a confident, hopeful and positive child is the best feeling in the world.

The Financial Rewards

It is important to state that financial rewards should never be the main reason a family decides to foster a child. These rewards are intended to provide an allowance and payments to enable the family to concentrate on being the best caregiver possible. This ensures the family can take care of the needs of the child and provide them with everything they require. These payments are based on the experience of the individual families. Many families have fostered numerous children during their lives. In addition to the financial payments, fostering a child provides generous tax benefits. The family has the opportunity to apply for tax relief because they are fostering a child.

The Ability to Continue Working

Finding a job can be difficult. Finding a job an individual loves is priceless. One of the greatest benefits of fostering a child is the flexibility involved with the process. It is nearly always possible to foster a child of an age where the parents are able to keep their jobs and still make an incredible difference in the life of the child. There are several different types of foster placement available designed to meet the specific circumstances of the family involved.

The Opportunity to Learn New Skills

Fostering a child give the family the opportunity to learn new abilities and skills. Most communities offer training programs to help provide the family with the skills they will need. Many of these programs are provided in-house, and support is available 24/7 from experienced social workers. This makes the journey much easier for both the family and the child. The family can also talk to a lot of the other foster families within the community. This means no family is ever lacking someone to turn to for support or advice when it is necessary.

Giving Back to the Community

Fostering a child is an exceptional way to give something back to the community. This is a positive contribution that has an amazing impact on a vulnerable child as well as the general community. The child a family fosters may attend the same school as their own children or join the same sporting team. This is yet another important asset to the community. This makes the foster family tremendously respected inside of their community. This leads to an unforgettable sense of pride and accomplishment.

A Chance for Adoption

The majority of foster parents love children but are either unable to have their own children or have children who are already fully grown. For these reasons, becoming a foster parent can lead to a permanent placement of the child through adoption. Of all the children taken in by a foster family, roughly twenty percent are adopted by the family. This process is often faster and easier than going through another channel. Some foster families intend to adopt the child right from the beginning while others make the decision because they develop such a strong bond with the child. When the foster family chooses to adopt, it decreases the disruptions in the life of the child. They are able to stay in the stable home where they have become accepted and loved. Perhaps the most important part of becoming a foster family is the ability to give and receive love.

Making the Crucial Difference

Foster parenting is just as important a benefit for the family as it is for the child. The impact is profound because the family will know they have made an important difference in the life of the child. One of the biggest advantages of becoming a foster parent is to successfully guide the child through the transitional period of their life. Foster parenting is about knowing you were responsible for making a major difference in the life of a child.

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