The Cleaning Test; Are Essential Oils Better than Regular Cleaning Products?

A woman cleans her house

Cleaning with normal products are good for getting things clean, but are they the greenest way to get your home clean and smelling great? We’ve done the test, so you don’t have to.  Below are our results to the question are essential oils better at cleaning then bleach and Lysol? Here’s what you need to know.

Cleansing Properties

Yes, regular cleaning products clean things well, but they include many substances and chemicals. Instead, you can use Lemon essential oils to help clean. Not only does lemon essential oils smell great, but it also boosts your mood. Additionally, lemon has properties that help purify areas. If you want to cleanse places in the house, cleaning with lemon essential oils is a great way to get things clean without being subject to the chemical-based products.l.

Easier to Use

Cleaning with typical cleaners is sometimes extremely difficult. These cleaners may require intense cleaning just to clean simple things. If you are trying to clean difficult things, it can be even more difficult to do. Essential oils are easier to use since they do not usually require much scrubbing. They are even able to get stubborn surfaces off of your damp items like the shower area. Why wouldn’t you choose an easier cleaner that is safer for you and your family?  


Just like cleaning with chemical-filled cleaners, essential oils clean well, but the difference lies in the fact that essential oils are not filled with chemicals. In fact, essential oils are non-toxic. If you have a baby around the house or you have certain allergies to chemicals, essential oils may be the best option for cleaning. They are safe to use, and they clean better than the average cleaners.


Essential oils are extremely versatile. Instead of purchasing a chemical-based cleaner for your dishes, floors, countertops, and even laundry, you can use one bottle of essential oils with some water to create cleaners for virtually anything. Not only will you be cleaning with something chemical free, but you will be saving money as well. You can use lavender essential oils to clean your clothing, purify the bathroom, and even clean your hot tub.


Cleaning with essential oils is not a bad thing. In fact, cleaning with essential oils are a more environmentally friendly than cleaning with chemical-filled health products. Versatile and priced well, essential oils clean well, are easy to use, and they smell great to keep your home smelling fresh and clean for many days


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