When Teething Gets Tough, Try These Tips to Help Your Baby Get To Sleep

One of the most challenging parts of having a small child is helping them cope with the pain of incoming teeth. Most children start teething between 6 months and 12 months, but some exceptions begin teething as early as 4 months old. Teething can cause babies to become colicky and have difficulty sleeping through the night. If you want to help your child feel at ease and sleep, there are a few tips that will prove to be useful.

Dry the Drool

When caring for your baby’s new teeth, dry excessive drool to prevent skin irritation, which can cause them to become even more uncomfortable. Avoid giving them a teething ring or other objects to suck on, which will lead to excess salivation. Keep a soft cloth on handy to pat their chin dry and use an absorbent crib sheet.

Rub Their Gums

Rubbing your baby’s gums can offer relief and soothe the pain that they’re experiencing. Wash your hands and provide their gums with a massage for immediate relief. The pressure that is applied will prevent them from feeling irritated by the pressure of the teeth that are breaking through and will treat gums that are swollen.

Wear Your Baby

Babies feel most at ease and comforted when they’re in their mother’s arms, which can make it difficult to remain productive when your little one is teething. Instead, use a baby carrier to keep your child close on the hard days when they’re in pain.

Use a Frozen Washcloth

An easy way to help your child with teething is to dampen a washcloth and stick it in the freezer for an item that your baby can chew on when they’re in discomfort. Opt for using a terry cloth washcloth that has ribbing to ensure that it creates friction as your baby chews on it. Refrigerating a small spoon will also help the pain and will work as a distraction.

Provide a Foot Massage

Studies show that a foot massage can offer relief when certain pressure points are triggered. Reflexology is shown to alleviate pain in different parts of the body and can be beneficial when your baby is suffering.

Although it can be a challenge to care for a teething child, you can offer comfort and relief with the right products and practices used. By following the right tips, you’ll help them to feel at ease and will make it easier to get them to fall into a slumber.



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