Alternative Therapies That Can Help Severe Teenage Anxiety

Everyone deals with anxiety and stress—but some experience these symptoms on a more frequent or at a more severe basis. Medical or psychological care for these individuals can be expensive—but therapy is necessary to help them cope with day-to-day life. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative treatments and therapies that may benefit your teen child with severe anxiety—paired with the supervision of a doctor, of course.

Holistic Therapies For Teenage Anxiety

When supplemented with doctor-prescribed medication, holistic therapies can be wonderful additions to your teen’s therapeutic plan. A holistic therapy is a type of therapy that encompasses a variety of psychological and physical elements. These therapies are based on the idea that the mind and body are intertwined—and that when one improves, the other improves as well. A holistic therapy will not only mitigate anxiety, but also increase your teenager’s overall health.

One example of a holistic form of therapy is yoga. Yoga is not only helpful for the physical body by increasing flexibility and strength, but it is also a great remedy for the mind. Practicing yoga has shown to decrease anxiety and increase mindfulness, as well as help individuals find balance and spirituality.



THC-free CBD has also been shown to decrease anxiety when supplemented with medical care and other therapeutic exercises. Most CBD oils on the market lack the psychoactive properties of other cannabis products. Therefore, they are safe to use and can be utilized as a natural relaxant. Encourage your teen to take CBD during yoga, meditation, or counseling to help them harness the full benefits of the therapy of their choice.

Herbal Treatments

The earth naturally provides many remedies for anxiety within many of its plants. Some of these plants can be ingested to help the body relax, while others have scents that help relieve anxiety. For example, chamomile tea is a natural relaxant that can help the body relax and sleep. Furthermore, scents like lavender and lemongrass also help put the mind and body at ease. These herbal treatments can be easily incorporated into a teen’s daily life through aromatherapy, vitamins, or essential oil diffusers.

Anxiety, though common, can be a debilitating experience. Severe anxiety is especially prevalent in teens and young adults given the frequency of daily stressors like school, work, and relationships. Help your teen cope with the anxiety of day-to-day life using alternative therapies, complemented with medication and the supervision of a doctor.

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