The Gender Gap Affects STEM Career Compensation

STEM Career gender gap

STEM careers, also known as careers involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, are some of the best paying jobs available. Better yet, a Bachelor’s degree is all that is needed to get into most of the fields. The high pay accompanying these job combined with the moderate amount of education required for them helps minimize student debt as well, which leads to a better quality of life.

Recently, more women are entering STEM programs to get the training required for these high-paying positions. While the number of women entering STEM programs has risen, it’s still a male-dominated industry. Depending on which American state you live in, there might as much as 450% more men working in STEM than women.

Based on the United States Census Data, we were able to compile a list showing how many men were working in STEM careers per state in comparison with women. The results were surprising, to say the least. While states like Maryland have a small 2.1 to 1 ratio, Utah had a whopping 4.5 men for every 1 woman working in STEM careers.

Over time, the gap will shrink even more. More women are seeing the benefits of STEM careers and will continue to pursue them. Universities and organizations are offering scholarships and other incentives to lure more women into the field. The high pay associated with STEM has also allowed for more time off and even early retirement for many employees. Job security is rising for those with the education and the available jobs continue to grow.
Are you in a STEM career or thinking about going into one? Curious to see where your state made the list? Check out this detailed infographic showing the breakdown between states. You might be surprised where your state is on the list!

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