Should I Give My Teenager a Smart Watch?

Teenagers are a part of the most tech-savvy generation yet, so it is only natural technology will be at the top of every wish list, from birthdays to Christmas. Smartwatches seem to be taking the technology world by storm, and more and more teenagers can be found with one on their wrist. While it may seem like a simple decision to gift your child with a smartwatch, there are many possibilities to consider before purchasing one for your teenager.


With the popularity of smartwatches on the rise, there are more options available from the budget-friendly to the high-end. One of the most budget-friendly watches out there is the Amazfit Bip. Compatible with iOS and Android, this watch ditches the extras and provides a sporty, basic watch for less cost. Garmin offers a wide range of smartwatches to fit every budget. The Garmin Forerunner provides all you need in a smartwatch, including GPS, heart rate tracking and more, up to the high end of the Garmin Fenix which offers interactive maps and activity profiles.

If your teenager is not gung-ho on iOS and is a fan of Android, Samsung offers the perfect match with its Gear S3. Of course, Apple knows smartwatches. The Apple Series 5 debuted along with the iPhone 11, offering the same sleek design and with 18-hour battery life. The display is also now always-on, something that might be appealing to your teenager.

Driving Distractions

If your teenager isn’t behind the wheel already, he or she will be soon. One of our top priorities is keeping our kids safe, and that includes on the road. According to statistics, distractions accounted for up to 58 percent of car crashes for teenagers from the age of 16 to 19, and smartwatches might be just one more distraction on the road for your young driver.

Smartwatches are full of apps, and if your teenager’s wrist vibrates with a message from their favorite app, their attention will immediately be elsewhere instead of the road. Studies suggest that smart watches could be more distracting than phones. Think carefully before you put one more distraction in the hands of your teenage child.


Not only are we in charge of keeping our kids safe, but as parents, we also are responsible for encouraging healthy lifestyle decisions. If your teenager runs track or cross country for their school, many runners rely on their smartwatches to keep up with mileage and pace and is a great tool to help them in their sport. If your child has medical issues, the heart rate feature might be perfect for monitoring them throughout the day. Overall, a smartwatch can help your child lead a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to get moving.

There are many reasons to purchase a smartwatch for your tech-savvy teen, but they’re also are precautions to consider. Each child and their responsibility level and needs are different, and as a parent, only you can know if your teenager is ready for a smartwatch.

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