Self-Esteem Exercises for your Chidren



Dear Parent:

Do you worry about your kid’s low self-esteem? Self-esteem exercises are a terrific way to help your kids enhance their confidence and thoughts of self-worth.

Negative self-esteem is really a terrible handicap to your children, you need to turn it into a priority to change and then improve those feelings of mental poison pertaining to themselves, it helps prevent them from trying new disciplines and may destroy their future as they feel not worthy of a better life. On the contrary children who feel good about themselves make it a lot easier to put into action your discipline method which will permit them to develop into confident, active, happy adults.

Start by letting them look at your strong and good attributes, talk with them about your own personal skills and abilities in a pleasant and humble way, this will likely allow them to see that is OK to feel good about oneself.

Praise your children whenever feasible, when they act correctly or do something that merits the praise, do it in an honest and natural way; discipline to children must be the normal way of behavior and not something for especial occasions.

When your children are feeling sad, angry or just lousy a positive outlook will help them come out of that state faster and with less prodding, just remind them of their strong individual characteristics, listen to what they have to say and respond to their questions in an sincere way.

They may not completely understand the reason they feel the way they do, therefore the opportunity to communicate with you about it may be what’s needed to help them come out of a confusing situation, especially with toddlers take extra care and calmness to get to the bottom of their uneasiness and be able to give longer lasting help.

Suggest positive behaviors and options as solutions, and be sure to always leave that door of communication open so the next time they feel unhappy, they can come to you for help knowing you won’t judge or admonish them for the way they may be feeling.

Teach your kid the value of setting goals and developing a plan to accomplish that goal. Small projects are the best to start off with in the beginning. Ensure that it’s an appropriate task for your child, and not too complex. Don’t only give compliments at the end of the project, but compliment their accomplishments during the project as well.

Tell them as often as possible or necessary how much you love them and how happy you feel when they behave positively, and when they behave poorly remind yourself is their actions not your children you dislike. Remember negative self-esteem in children can be the reason they misbehave.

Put short, positive notes in places they can see, when they come back from school let them know how much you missed them and how important they are to you. Do it without making a big deal out of it, just in a quiet, cool way, to give them a feeling of calmness and that things are OK.

A child with a positive self-esteem will be more disciplined and have less behavior problems in any activity he is involved at school, in the playground and any other place where she interacts with children and adults as well.

Exercises to improve your Child Self Esteem:

Provide them with a simple age appropriate project to do, something that requires little involvement on your part; a list of family members and friends that they feel love them would be a great exercise for their self-esteem

Take them grocery shopping and permit them to pick up a type of food that the whole family can enjoy and then allow them help you on the preparation of the meal…

Ask your child to help you do a makeover of his/her room, let them choose theme and colors to be used, if that is not practical then just rearranging the furniture and objects around the room should be of great benefit to his or her self esteem…

Do something today; learn the skills to improve your child negative self-esteem, your kid’s life is too valuable to allow it to waste away…

Author:  by J Rivera.

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