Red Flags You Should Watch Out for in Teens


When you are raising teenagers, you have to keep your eye out for a lot of potential problems that they could be facing. Sometimes teens struggle to connect with their parents, but that’s okay. The main thing is that you want to make sure that you are aware of any potential red flags so you can help your teens when they need it, even if they don’t seem to want help.

Sudden Changes

It is normal for your child’s behavior to change a little when they become teenagers, but if they experience a sudden change that can point to a potential problem. It is important to be in close communication with your child so you can understand when they are having an issue and start helping them to resolve it. A sudden change can point to a problem with your child’s mental or physical health or point to changes in their social life that should be addressed quickly. Maintain open communication so you can talk to your child if you notice a change like this.


Many teens will start spending more time with their friends and less time with their family in their teen years. But if you notice your child withdrawing significantly or withdrawing from their friends as well, it may point to a problem that you need to address quickly. Teens are much more likely to deal with mental health issues. Let your child know that you are there for them and give them room to process their emotions. It can also help to get your kid in touch with a therapist they trust so they have someone to talk to about their problems and concerns.


Low Energy

If you notice that your teen doesn’t have the energy they usually do especially for things they love, it is probably time to start looking into potential causes. A sudden decrease in energy can point to a physical or mental health problem that needs to be addressed with a professional. So if your teen starts avoiding activities or sleeping significantly more, you want to make sure that you help them to figure out the cause of their problem.

Navigating the teen years is challenging for both parents and teens. When you are working to help your teens realize their potential it is important to make sure that you are listening to them and their needs. When you notice a change it is always worth checking in and making sure they are okay.

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