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You can promote your cause, business, course or project for free on Mums in Science, and you can do it in your own words, using your own style! Here are 4-easy steps to get your started.

Steps to share Passion

  1. Create a group with a forum to discuss the issues.
  2. Invite your friends, colleagues and family to join the conversation in the forum.
    • We share links to popular public forums on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, invite lots of people to increase its popularity and get chatting about your passion.
    • Links to public forums about sensitive topics will not be shared without your permission.
    • We will not share links to private forums.
  3. Submit an article to explain:
    • What the problem is and why it is a problem,
    • How you and/or your team aim to address the problem, and
    • How other people can get involved and contact you.
    • Link your website, Facebook/LinkedIn company page in the content.
  4. Share the published article with your network. We will message you when the article is published.

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