How to Prepare Your Fruit Dishes to Prevent Staining and Leaks

You are ready to prepare a beautiful fruit dish and have all your cooking tools ready. You’ve chosen the most colorful and fresh ingredients at your local market, and then – disaster strikes. Not two minutes into preparing your fruit dish, your new shirt is stained with strawberry juice, your hands are sticky, and your patience has already run out.

But this can all be avoided! Here’s a couple of the best tips for preventing fruit stains when preparing and eating fruit dishes.


Preventing Stains and Spills in the Kitchen

Step one is to sharpen your knife before cutting any fruit. This ensures the bulk of the juice stays in the fruit (not on your counter tops!)

Next, place a sheet of parchment paper underneath your cutting board to make sure fruit juice does not come in contact with your kitchen surfaces. Parchment paper is liquid resistant, and so will protect your counter tops from stains. To prevent spilling, be sure to use a cutting board with a raised border accompanied by a shallow well to catch the juices. This excess juice can also be used for a dessert topping.

Have a pre-cut square of plastic wrap directly next to the cutting board to place fruit stems and other discarded items onto for easy cleanup. This way, you’ll just have to bundle up the waste and toss it. Your next step is to use a plastic container to place all prepared fruit in. You might want to use multiple plastic containers to store different fruits during preparation. This way, the fruit does not bleed onto one another. You can also add fruit to ready-made mixes or granola for easy on-the-go snacking.

To prevent stains on your hands, have a wooden skewer or a toothpick ready to spear the fruit and place the pieces in the plastic container.


Preventing Stains Elsewhere

Not only your counter tops and hands are at risk of being stained. According to Lake Houston dental care, the high acidity of most fruits can stain your teeth. The first step to preventing teeth stains on your front teeth is to chew with your back molars. Using a utensil (toothpicks work well), place the fruit toward the back of your mouth. Another tip is to eat green veggies right before diving into the fruit or wine that might give your teeth a stained look. Vegetables like broccoli give your teeth a protective film which can deter stains from forming.


If you want a clean kitchen and a stain-free cooking experience, be sure to follow these tips! Your kitchen will be spotless, your clothes will be saved, and your smile will be bright. So, go ahead and prepare your next fruit salad with confidence! You’re now a fruit prep expert.

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