Physical Activity May Be the Key to Your Child’s Academic Success

Physical activity can actually improve the academic performance of children. The Institute of Medicine released a report that indicated that the more active children are, the more attentive they are, the faster their cognition is, and the better their performance on standardized academic tests are. This is in contrast to children who are less active as they are less likely to have as successful performances in these areas as children who are more active. Signs your child may be struggling with school include a lack of performance in these addressed areas. A lack of interest in any academic work may be the key to a parent discovering this.

Standardized Testing

Numerous studies display how there is a correlation between how physically active children are and their performances on standardized tests. For example, almost 2,000 children in California who were considered to be outside of a healthy fitness zone, which means a 12-year-old who could not run a mile in 12 minutes or less, received a lower score on the state standardized tests than children who were more physically fit and considered to be in the healthy fitness zone.

When the results of a 30-minute standardized test of students’ abilities in the subjects or reading, writing, and math were revealed, researchers discovered that students who were enrolled in the schools that taught using physically active teaching methods scored higher than students in schools that did not participate.

Quality of Physical Activity

It’s also recommended that parents evaluate the quality of the physical activity their student may be doing at any of their active organized activities. In order to achieve better results academically, parents need to make sure that their children are active at least 50 percent of the program’s meeting time. Many programs do not meet this goal, but sports, dance, and martial arts are reliable activities.

Overall, physical activity has been connected to release of endorphins and also helps with the overall health of a child. Being healthy tends to result in an awake and happy mind, thus making the active children more receptive to learning and retaining all that they’ve learned. If you’re worried about test anxiety in your child, check out our other articles!


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