Personality Traits That Can Help You Succeed in Real Estate

If you’re looking for a job to support your family, real estate can be a very intense but very rewarding career, both financially and emotionally. Introducing people to their new home can make you rightfully feel as if you’ll be at least partly responsible for all the incredible memories that will be formed there. If you have sales experience, that’s a definite advantage. However, if you have these personality traits, you’re more likely to find success and fulfillment in this career.


People are able to become forces in real estate because of their determination. They look at their objectives not as pipe dreams but as accomplishments they’re certain to achieve. To grow your determination, you need to set up goals and work to meet them. Your goals might start with having a certain number of showings per week and then expand to selling a certain number of homes per month. This can give you a genuine focus, which will really help when you’re feeling a little unmotivated. Recollecting your past successes can also help to remind you why determination matters.


If you were to work as a real estate agent pretending to be passionate when you’re not, you would be better off in Hollywood, as that would take great acting ability. You must have a drive for showing houses and being able to set someone up with their new home. The prospect should fill you with excitement. An agent who is truly passionate about what they are doing strives for the best outcome for their clients and is fully committed to the entire process. After all, you’re being hired because of the expectation that you’ll help your clients find the right place for them.


Empathy doesn’t have to just mean you’re consoling someone as they cry on your shoulder. Looking for a house can be a wonderful thing, but homebuyers can feel rightfully frustrated if their real estate agent doesn’t seem to be in tune with their needs. When speaking with clients, you should really listen to what they require and understand where they’re coming from with their preferences. Whether you have one client or more than a dozen, each client should feel as though they’re receiving personalized treatment.

Someone who is a people person and loves a good challenge should embrace real estate. Every time you sell a home, your confidence should grow, both in your selling skills and in your ability to be personable and offer solutions. Remember that people won’t buy a house just to be nice. It will always be a testament to your sales abilities and personality.

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