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The Pepperific Life is a blog by Pepper Tan about single motherhood. In her blog, Pepper discusses the highs and lows about being a single mom. Her blog is peppered with advice about dating, raising a child and helpful household DIYs.

Pepper’s blog,, was voted as the Top 25 Single Mom’s of 2013.

Her personal favorite blogs include her writings on how “Macho Men Love Single Moms,” “Dating Guide for Single Moms,” and “How to Make Divorce Easy on Children.”

In an interview with, Pepper discusses the most rewarding thing about a single mother.

“Seeing my daughter thrive physically, emotionally and mentally makes all the hardships of being a single parent well worth it,” said Pepper. “When she’s happy. I’m happy.”

Pepper believes single mothers have got knocked up pretty bad and it’s unfair of people to judge single mothers due to the varying circumstances.

“We each have our own story,” said Pepper.

The Pepperriffic Life blog is chock full of great advice for coping with single motherhood. Pepperrific describes life through the eyes of a single mom. Pepper posts helpful DIYs, as well. Her latest DIYs include pieces on wall hooks, door knob wall hooks, invisible bookshelves, and creating your own spa at home.

“Most single moms seem to have perfected the art of hiding their emotions from their kids. We are only human,” said Pepper. “Our hearts brea.. we cry buckets – oftentimes in the bathroom, without our children knowing. We have to be the bastion of emotional strength for our kids, as they have nobody to look up to but us. When we’re having a bad day, we can’t just sulk and lock ourselves in the bedroom. We have chores to do and our kids’ needs – emotional and physical – to attend to. There’s nobody else we can tag to be our substitute even for a few hours.” also has a host of ideas and ways to bond with your kids. These include recipes to cook with your children, getting back to nature in a cabin, choosing holiday accomodations, planning a staycation, celebrating Halloween on a budget, crafts, and various vacation ideas.

Categories of include: child discipline, family bonding, health, home improvement, mommyhood, money, relationships, self, and single moms and love.

Throughout her blog, Pepper also discusses what she labels her perspective project. Pepper’s Perspective blog discusses getting perspective on new experiences or thoughts. In perspective blog, Pepper discusses the joys of finally have having a good hair day.

“Being able to appreciate a good hair day is a way of being thankful for my blessings – big or small,” writes Pepper. “I guess I’m beginning to see the beauty in even the most mundane of things. I now realize that I have so much to be thankful for.” is a great oasis for single moms trying to get a handle on single motherhood. Pepper has spruced up her blog with thoughts about love, DIYS, wandering thoughts and various ways to pleasantly guide you through single motherhood.

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