A parents guide to Creating a Stimulating Environment for your Baby

From the moment babies are born, they are constantly learning and developing. Encouraging this process can be simple and making their nursery stimulating will help them develop.

The first way to create a stimulating environment is to make your baby`s nursery into a themed room. There are many different themes available, including cars, tractors, fire engines and dinosaurs for boys and fairies, flowers, ballet dancers and hearts for girls. If you are not sure what the sex of your baby is going to be, then you could choose to have a safari, farm, ocean, number, alphabet or teddy bears.

There are many accessories you can put in your nursery which can also be incorporated into the theme, such as lamps, lampshades, curtains and bedding. The main rule when decorating your nursery is that bright colours are very stimulating for your baby. You should also remember that when babies are small they will spend the majority of their time lying on their backs and looking up at the ceiling in their room. With this in mind any theme or design you have in the room can be extended on to the ceiling to provide a stimulating environment when they are lying on their play mat or changing mat. However, you may also wish to remember that your baby will sleep in the nursery and the area above their cot should not be too stimulating when you want them to be asleep.

Babies learn a lot through your habits and if you read to them every night as part of a bedtime routine then they will gain a love of reading which will help them as they reach school age. If you want to encourage this love of reading then you could have a small area in their nursery where you have a bookcase for them to keep their books on. You may wish to add a bean bag or rug where they can sit to look at and eventually read books as they get older.

Toys are a very important part of your baby`s environment. Having toys which encourage your baby to learn will help their development. Toys such as shape sorters, rain catchers, teething rings and even teddies can all be important. Most baby toys are brightly coloured and as such they will appeal to them instantly. If you want to encourage your baby to have good habits growing up, then it`s a good idea to have a small area where toys are stored in storage boxes or bins and to encourage your baby to help put them away once they have finished playing with them.

Whether you are designing a nursery for a boy or a girl, you will want to make your babys first nursery a stimulating environment in which they will thrive and grow happily.

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