Major Dental Milestones in Your Child’s Life

Childhood is full of milestones. From the first smile to the first day of school, there are so many to take note of and celebrate. Some milestones, such as major dental milestones, are especially important for your child’s health. Do you know what some of the major dental milestones are?

First Tooth

A baby’s first tooth will usually make an appearance between 6-12 months, though you’ll likely start noticing teething symptoms well in advance of that. Teething symptoms include sore, red gums, a mild temperature, drooling, a rash on the face, gnawing and chewing things more, and increased fussiness. 

That may be distressing for parents, but the symptoms do pass. In the meantime, try rubbing their gums, offering a chilled (not frozen) teething ring, or an over-the-counter pain remedy.


First Dentist Appointment

This milestone requires a little help from you to happen. After all, a dentist appointment isn’t going to make itself. Schedule your child’s first appointment once their first tooth has erupted. That may seem early, but it’s in line with official Public Health England guidance. Early dentist appointments can help identify potential problems that need to be corrected. 

Catching problems early is always better than waiting, both in terms of the level of treatment needed and associated costs. Early appointments also help familiarise your child with the dentist. That makes them less scary which increases the likelihood that your child will attend them regularly as they grow.

First Lost Tooth

Children usually start losing teeth around age 6 in the order in which they erupted. That means that the bottom center teeth, the incisors, will be the first to loosen and fall out. If allowed to progress naturally, losing a baby tooth isn’t usually painful, though there may be some mild discomfort. The permanent tooth should grow in on its own without any special care. If your child is feeling anxious about losing a tooth, introduce them to the Tooth Fairy. Many parents use stories of the Tooth Fairy leaving money under pillows to help their children get excited about losing their teeth. 

You fell in love with your child’s smile well before they ever had any teeth. That won’t change as their teeth grow in and develop. Paying attention to major dental milestones can help you keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. Remember, you can always consult their dentist if you have any concerns about the health of their teeth.

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