Long Hair? 3 Things You Can Expect to Experience and What to Do About Them

Long hair can be so beautiful, but it can also present specific difficulties that you may have not noticed when you or those you live with had short hair. It can be difficult to know how to address problems that arise when you find long hair all around your house. This article will go into three different things you can do to make life more manageable with long hair.

It’s All Over the House

Whether you or someone you live with has long hair, it can get everywhere—in your bathroom drain, caught in your vacuum, or in your laundry machine. When the hair is long, it just makes it worse. What can you do to eliminate hair when it starts to make life annoying? It’s important to know how often to clean surfaces and objects that tend to be most affected by hair. If you live with someone who has long hair, you need to get used to vacuuming your floors often. Hair build-up on the floor can get gross and sweeping just won’t cut it.  

Clogged Drains

No one likes a clogged drain but there are a few strategies you can use to prevent getting a clogged drain in the first place. Getting a good drain-catcher is a good place to start. But even with good preventative steps, you will probably end up with a clogged drain eventually. There are a few different methods you can use to try to unclog your bathtub drain yourself. Start with a drain snake that catches offending hair and extracts it. Once you’ve extracted the majority of hair with this tool, you can use certain chemical products that will disintegrate the remaining hair.


Hair and Food

Hair in the food, food in the hair. All a part of the long hair experience. No one enjoys eating food with a hair caught in it. Besides being annoying, hair can cause physical contamination, making it even more important to avoid getting hair in the food you serve. You can sidestep getting hair caught in your food with a few simple hacks. Always put your hair up when you cook—having it out of your face goes a long way in ensuring that your food stays safe.

Even though you love your long luscious locks, they can often get in the way if you don’t take the proper precautions. Think about both preventative and reparative strategies to approach problems caused by long hair. This article has covered a few of those strategies, but consider your specific situation to know how to best avoid getting long hair everywhere.

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