Are Your Kids Interested in Science? Take Them to These 5 Destinations!

Kids have a lot of distractions these days. With the amount of time they spend staring down at their phones, it may be hard to get them to pay attention to something more important so they can learn. One thing kids should certainly be learning about so they can succeed in both school and in life is science. Aside from cool science gifts, thankfully, there are many fantastic and adventurous destinations and attractions to get them excited about science. Below are five you should consider visiting.

The Space Center in Houston

If there’s one thing that can get kids perked up about science, it is the prospect of traveling into space in a space shuttle. The Space Center in Houston is the top learning center in the United States regarding the science of space and space travel. It is, in fact, the official visitor’s center for the Johnson Space Center, a real NASA research center. The Space Center Houston, gateway to NASA Johnson Space Center, offers an up-close look at NASA’s journey to the stars. According to Avis, children and adults of all ages will enjoy learning about the exciting history and accomplishments of the NASA space program. Explore intriguing exhibits, shows, and more. With over 400 things to see and do, you’ll want to get there early to make sure you fit it all in. You can even meet a real-life astronaut when you visit on Fridays.

Devils Tower

Science can be both exciting and mysterious. This certainly includes geology. One geological feature that certainly drives the imagination wild is Devils Tower in Wyoming. This 867-foot tall laccolithic butte was featured in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It certainly looks like it was created by aliens but was in fact formed by magma that was pushed up from deep inside the earth into sedimentary rock that later eroded leaving this magnificent natural tower.

Kentucky Caverns

What could be more fascinating than to explore a huge cave formation? Among many other attractions, Kentucky boasts some of the biggest caves in the world, including Mammoth Cave, which has a whopping 400 miles of passageways throughout its interior. There are few ways to really enjoy nature’s underground more than to go spelunking with your kids in huge caverns.

Old Faithful

A great destination that can teach kids about geology, geothermal energy and the properties of heat and water is Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This geyser is one of the most massive and most predictable geysers in the world and erupts with hot water every 44 to 125 minutes. There’s nothing like seeing science in action in person, and this is one spectacular way to see it.

The Field Museum of Natural History

One of the greatest museums in the world can be found in Chicago, Illinois. The Field Museum of Natural History has many exhibits designed to keep the attention of kids. You can walk through a recreation of an Egyptian pyramid, see towering dinosaur skeletons and even see the world through the eyes of an ant.

Science isn’t something kids are necessarily interested in automatically. However, if you can allow them to see science in action and how amazing it is, they can become much more excited about learning. The destinations above can do just that.

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