The Importance of The Teenage Bedroom

Anyone who has been a teenager knows the importance of their bedroom. It can be a sanctuary for them to express themselves and feel safe. What goes into your teenager’s bedroom can be incredibly valuable in shaping who they are as people. Being a teenager means trying to figure out who you are while you have very little to your name. When a teenager feels like they can’t claim anything for themselves, it can be frustrating for teenagers and parents alike. A teenager might not be able to articulate these ideas, but when they’re in a bedroom that is their own, they can feel incredibly at peace. Your own bedroom should provide you with a sense of comfort and space, and that’s the same for teens. Show your teen how much you care by providing them with an excellent bedroom and some much needed space.

However, you should let them know that they might need to compromise in some regards. If they want a bedroom of a certain minimum size, let them know early that you’ll try your best to make that possible but that you can’t guarantee anything. If your teenager is moving into a new bedroom or renovating their current one, this guide will help you out.

Choosing The Perfect Bed

You can’t have a bedroom without a bed. The bed is probably the most important part of the bedroom, as it is probably the biggest piece of furniture in the room, but also because it’s where your teen is going to sleep. Consider fun “types” of beds like platform beds or loft beds, just be sure to do some research for it (and that your teen likes might like them too)! Platform beds are bed frames that include a built-in slat system so you don’t need a boxspring, and can be quite versatile. Bunk beds are another popular choice, especially for those with a shared bedroom. However, it might be an unpleasant experience for teenagers who have a fear of heights or confined spaces. You should work with your teenager to find the bed that will work best for them.

Interior Design For Teens

You might not typically associate teens with interior design. However, just because a teenager doesn’t have experienced decorating other rooms, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own sense of taste. When you brainstorm a bedroom with a teenager, you can really see their mind at work. Provide them the option to use some old furniture and decorations you have in storage. For designing start with furniture placement. Where should the bed go and where should the desk and dresser go? What kind of colors would work best for the walls? Do your best to restrain yourself from making all the choices. Even if you don’t agree with every choice your teenager makes for their bedroom, it’s important for you to let them make their own decisions as they head into adulthood.

How to Decorate a Teen Bedroom

While you shouldn’t call all the shots when decorating a teen bedroom, you should give them necessary guidance. They’ll appreciate not having to make all the decisions themselves, and you will definitely want to share some budget-friendly options. Be sure to focus on the essential components first. These include the bed, dresser, and desk. They should all match one another. Similar materials should be kept in mind, such as having a wooden desk and a wooden dresser. Select furniture items that complement your hardwood flooring or carpeting. You also need to consider how the decor matches the paint or wallpaper. If the paint clashes or is fading, you might need to repaint.

After these important decisions have been made, you can move onto secondary matters. These include any posters or art that is hung up. Your teenager should be able to express these tastes. However, you have the right to speak up if anything they want to put up is offensive or worrisome. Be sure to speak with them honestly about any plans for their bedroom that you’re concerned about.

The Future

Your teenager’s tastes change with time. Just because they like their bedroom now, that could change in a few weeks or months. Be patient with your teenager and the choices they make for their bedroom. It reflects their developing sense of identity. When the time comes for them to leave home, their bedroom will help it feel like they’re still there.

The importance of the teenage bedroom cannot be understated. Think about your own experience with your bedroom when you were a teenager. The memories you formed there are hopefully ones that you want to cherish. Take this to heart and work with your teenager to help give them a bedroom that they’ll cherish. It’ll build more trust for when you have to speak with them about more important topics later on.

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