How Working Moms Can Find Time to Go Back to School

More mothers than ever before are making the decision to pursue an education above and beyond the mandatory levels for children. There are a few reasons for this uptick in the pursuit of higher education.

First, those who pursue higher learning or career certification earn more money. This allows mothers to financially contribute to their family’s lifestyle. And for mothers who are already working, they find that pursuing more education allows them to earn more money than they do presently.

Second, many mothers feel that pursuing advanced education or skill training boosts their self-worth. They love knowing that they are capable of adding value to the world beyond being a mother. This makes them feel more fulfilled, which also has a positive effect on the family as a whole.

Perhaps these are a couple of reasons why you’ve decided to increase your personal and professional worth by going back to school. If so, then here are a few tips and considerations to help you with your new journey. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Going back to school can be scary and overwhelming. You’ve already got a host of responsibilities on your plate, so it’s important for you to strategise how this would all work. Start by building a support system.

For example, if you can integrate your extended family or close friends for support, then you should. But caution: Be mindful not to overextend the resources of others. You never want to make your support system feel taken advantage of, especially when it comes to childcare, school pick-ups and typical household duties.

Alternative Schooling

Whether you’re a working mother or a stay-at-home mother, going to a school campus might not fit into your schedule. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives, such as online classes. Even the most demanding coursework can be done in your own time these days. Most healthcare programs can be done online despite being one of the most challenging degree paths.

If you can get to campus during alternative times of the day, then consider night classes or weekend classes. Nowadays, there are all sorts of educational alternatives for the busy mom.   

How Do Moms Pay for Additional Education?

There is a variety of methods for funding your education. Did you know that there are scholarships, including scholarships earmarked for mothers going back to school? You could also check into government and private funding. And many of the online learning platforms offer in-house scholarships, too. 

Organization is Key

Not only are mothers like you juggling the demands of raising a family, but you’re also taking on the demands of being a student. This is why your organization skills are critical to achieving success. 

First, start by getting the immediate family involved with your new but temporary lifestyle. Older children can help out around the house with chores. If there are meals that they can heat in the microwave or the oven, then they can feed themselves or their younger siblings every now and then. Of course, your grocery and meal planning will need to change in order to accommodate your new schedule.

Mental health counselling could also be helpful if you need a safe person to confide in, especially if you’re overcoming self-esteem or self-worth issues by pursuing higher education.

Becoming a student is a new life experience for you and for any mother in pursuit of a better life. You’re worthy of your pursuit. With planning and research, you’ll find that you can achieve your goal.

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