How to Promote Sustainability in Your Backyard

Part of living a socially responsible, environmentally friendly, “sustainable” lifestyle includes the way you design and treat your outdoor space. Promote sustainability in your own backyard through organic gardening, humane removal of any pests, and landscaping with sustainable plants.

Practice Organic Gardening

Gardening produces natural flowers, produce, or foliage, so use natural resources to grow them! Avoid the use of chemicals to protect your garden by giving your garden a little extra time and effort, like weeding by hand (which may require more frequent checks of your beds to prevent weeds from spreading). Consider creating your own compost using your food waste. According to Bonnie Plants, this provides a significant and effective source of nutrients for your garden while utilizing material you may otherwise just throw away! Watering your garden beds in the morning is another effective way to conserve water usage. The cooler morning temperatures and less sun exposure allow the plants to soak up the water before the sun evaporates it. Look into plants, soils, and garden bed designs that reduce the amounts of chemical output and energy expended in your garden’s development!

Remove Pests Humanely

As annoying as pests can be, you can get rid of them without harming them! Chemicals are not only dangerous for them and your landscape. They also carry a risk of harming you if they come in contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. Once you’ve identified animals or insects that have made your backyard their home, research safe ways to relocate them outside your yard. Consider talking to professionals about the best way to do so! According to Proterra, beekeepers know how to take care of bees after they are removed. This offers a productive and humane alternative to destroying the hive!


Landscape with Sustainable Plants

In addition to finding responsible ways to water and layout your plants, devote some energy to researching good plants to use. While all plants can contribute good things to your yard, some plants are actually more beneficial than others! Plants that are native to your area thrive in the soil that makes up your yard, meaning they will require less maintenance to support. According to the DIY Network, plants like succulents that require less water and do well in high sunlight exposure are also great plants to diversify your garden without requiring extra maintenance measures.

Create a healthy, happy backyard by gardening well and gardening smart! Enjoy the backyard that you create and be proud of the benefit you have made to your environment.

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