How to Promote Oral Health for Your Children

Oral health shouldn’t be overlooked, even in young children. Establishing oral health while their young will set the stage for their teeth and mouth for the rest of their life. The food they eat as well as their routines of cleaning are so important to making sure they have healthy teeth and gums.

Provide Nutritious Food

Nutritious foods are important for your child’s growth and development. Nutritious foods provide vitamins and minerals essential for function. Incorporating whole foods, and a variety of foods will help them get the nutrients they need. Fruits and vegetables can help provide the necessary vitamins, like vitamin C, that help protect from damage. Dairy products have calcium in them which help with the enamel on their teeth. Eggs provide vitamin D, which helps the body absorb the calcium helping with strong teeth.

Make a Dental Appointment

Making the dentist part of your child’s routine can help them have healthy teeth. Cleanings are important routines that reduce the likelihood of dental diseases. Dentists can clean the teeth well and get off all the plaque that builds up. They can also make sure there are no cavities. It isn’t ever too early to take your child to the dentist. As soon as their teeth start coming through, getting regular check ups and cleanings will help your child’s teeth stay healthy and cavity free.


Establish Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is an important part of promoting oral health. You can set an example for your child by having your own good oral hygiene routine. Then help them establish their own. Just like going to the dentist, an oral hygiene routine can start early. You can take care of your baby’s oral health by wiping their gums with a cloth, and brushing their teeth when they start to come in. Use a very small amount of fluoride toothpaste and increase the amount slightly as your child gets older. It is important for them to brush twice a day for 2 minutes and to floss.

To promote oral health for your child, you need to set an example for them. You need to show them that it is good to eat nutritious food, go to the dentist regularly, and practice good oral hygiene. You will need to help them along the way, but you will be setting them up with good oral health for life.

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