How to Prevent Your Teen from Making Dumb Driving Decisions

When your teenagers venture out onto the roads behind the wheel, you understandably may feel nervous and even scared about what may happen. And for good reason! Teenagers are known for being rather impulsive, reckless and even emotional. The consequences of an accident can be extreme. According to George Salinas, “the injuries suffered from auto accidents can range from death and incapacitation to spinal damage that does not manifest itself for days after the collision.”

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These factors can combine to create a truly dangerous situation while they are driving. The thought of your teen being in an auto accident may come to mind frequently for the few years while your child transitions into becoming an experienced driver. While an accident is always a possibility, there are a few steps that you can take to reduce this type of risk.


Educate Your Teen

As an experienced driver, you may be well-aware of the dangers associated with reckless driving and about the severity of some auto accidents. However, your teen’s inexperience as a driver can work against his or her safety. One of the best ways to deter your teen from reckless driving, speeding and other dangerous activities behind the wheel is to educate your teen. You can easily find a few online videos that show the damage and devastation that are associated with serious accidents.


Download an App

Another great idea is to download an app that tracks your teen’s movements. Some apps tell you where your teen is, the route he or she took and even the maximum rate of speed that was achieved during each journey. There are several apps available for this purpose, and putting them to use can tell you when you may need to take the teen’s keys away for driving dangerously.

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Add a Tracking Device

An alternative to a tracking app is to install a tracking device on the vehicle. A tracking device can also tell you where your teen is or has been, the rate of speed traveled and other valuable information that you may need to know. Remember that the tracking device as well as the many available apps may provide you with real-time information, and this gives you the ability to contact the teen immediately by phone so that you can discuss the issue if you become aware of dangerous activities.


These are only a few of the many options available to parents who are concerned about the safety of teenage drivers. Keep in mind that some vehicles have special tools installed that can cap the rate of speed that your teen can travel at. With so many tools and resources available for you to use, you have considerable control over the safety of your teen behind the wheel.

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