How to Make Pregnancy More Likely After IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a form of fertilization that women use if they are not able to become pregnant on their own. It is a laboratory assisted procedure that is intended to overcome problems with infertility. Once you’ve had an IVF procedure, there are actually measures you can take to make pregnancy more likely.

Focus on Your Health

In order to become pregnant after an IVF procedure, you want to make sure you keep your body healthy. A healthy body is much more likely to lead to a pregnancy. Whatever your situation may be, you should make your health your top priority. Eating a balanced diet is one way to start. You should make sure you get plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet since they are full of the essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D in particular is something you want to make sure you get plenty of. Whole foods are your best option. So, in addition to fruits and vegetables, eat plenty of whole grains and clean proteins such as fish or low-fat poultry. Overall, you want to avoid foods that can cause inflammation. Try cutting back on processed foods and sugar.

Avoid Intense Activities

While there is a lot you should be doing to take care of yourself, there are also certain activities you should avoid. Exercise is a very good activity that can help to keep you healthy but you should be aware of your limits. Intense exercise can lead to complications that can interfere with success. Try focusing on more moderate exercising like walking or yoga. You should avoid high intensity workouts as well as high impact running or jogging. Weightlifting is another activity that is not the best option for you while you’re trying to get pregnant. Take it easy during the early stages of IVF and throughout your pregnancy. You can pick up more intense workouts after your baby is born.


Reduce Stress Levels

Going through fertility treatments can be very stressful since there is a lot of uncertainty. You want to find ways to help reduce your overall stress levels. Engaging in regular activities that help lower your stress is ideal. For example, meditating or doing breathing exercises is a great way to lower your stress levels. Practicing gratitude can help you shift your perspective to help you feel less stress. Of course, it is also best to find what stresses you out and remove it from your life if possible.

IVF is a viable option for many people and it can give you a chance to become pregnant if you have been struggling to. For better results, you should make changes in your life to help IVF along. The more you do, the better your chances are.

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