How to Make New Friends and Promote Your Business!

Making new friends and promoting one’s business is ultimately a self-started and self-directed effort. There is no single solution or method, and a lot of trial and error is necessary to get the best result. Nonetheless, following some of the tips mentioned above can help promote your business with relatively low investment on your part and gather some momentum.

Calls to Action

The first method to make new friends and promote your business is to insert calls to action in the team’s email signatures. A single employee can receive over one hundred emails daily, and as a result, a team of several employees can see this number multiplied rapidly. Using a call-to-action button is more attractive, compelling, and dynamic as an opportunity for promotion than the usual websites or job titles.

Google My Business

The second method to make new friends and promote your business is to set up a Google My Business Account. In addition to a search engine, Google also acts as a small business directory, with three significant advantages for companies reliant on local businesses, the first being that one’s local business is listed on Google search as well as Google maps. The second is that it enhances search engine optimization to enable companies to be found more easily by customers looking for relevant products and services. The third is that it is favorable to customers adding reviews, which further help Google display the business with essentially free advertisement.


Joint Ventures

The third method to make new friends and promote your business is to set up a joint venture. Among the easiest ways to showcase an offer to the right individuals is to locate and target an audience that contains the sort of people you happen to be looking for. Advertising can accomplish this task, but a better option still in the short term is to join forces with other businesses that are targeting the same audiences like you, provided they are not competing with you, of course. Joint ventures are highly effective and can attract more customers and quickly.

Webinars & Presentations

The fourth method to make new friends and promote your business is to give a webinar or a presentation, which can be just as effective offline and online. Offering webinars and workshops can draw in target audiences and enable you to collect contact information to follow up in the future. Once you have located your target audience, start setting up meetings, seminars, or similar events such as a lunch period where attendees provide information.

Discounts & Free Trials

The fifth and final method to make new friends and promote your business is to offer free or discounted products or services. This is an excellent way to attract new clients and friendships. Based on the particular business model being used, this could prove to be an effective way to receive a loss to generate market share and drive referrals, leads, sales, and the like. If you happen to be offering an app as a service and product, a free app or trial is an excellent strategy if you wish to know how to get people to download your app.

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