How to Keep Your Children Safe From Harmful Chemicals in the Home

Your home is your refuge, and you may feel your family is safe and secure within its walls. Unfortunately, there are many hidden dangers living right under you nose which may put the occupants at risk. To keep your household safe, follow these important, lifesaving tips and suggestions on keeping your little ones safe from harmful chemicals.

Read Labels

You might think the insecticide and herbicides you are using on your lawn are perfectly safe for your family, but it might be prudent to read all warning labels before using such substances. Even if they appear to be perfectly safe, it might be better to keep both pets and children away from the treated areas for a few days after applying. Make a point to read warning labels on all types of medicines and chemicals. In the case of pest control, you may have to evacuate your home entirely when poison is administered. Be sure to read, research, and become familiar with the names of the most dangerous chemicals.  


Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These small detectors may help save the lives of your entire family. According to the National Fire Administration, more than 150 people die each year of carbon monoxide poisoning. All of these deaths were preventable with the installation of simple, inexpensive carbon monoxide detectors. Today, many home security systems come equipped with these kinds of detector systems already.


Lock Up Medicines and Cleaning Supplies

Keep all chemicals, whether for cleaning or for health reasons, locked up or stored high and away from small fingers. Under the kitchen sink is never a good place to keep any type of cleaning supply. Bathroom cabinets are also very accessible to youngsters. And don’t forget the laundry room, Bleach can be lethal, as well as the new pod-type detergents that are now popular. It may even be necessary to put dangerous chemicals under lock and key to keep them away from your curious little ones.


Educate Your Family

As soon as your toddlers are old enough to understand, teach them how dangerous certain products can be. Show and teach them how to recognize the skull and crossbones symbol. Instill in them the ability not to taste, touch, or smell anything that they don’t recognize. Also make it clear to them that it is important to let you know when they don’t feel well, when something doesn’t smell right, or when they eat something that they aren’t supposed to.


Keeping your children safe should be your number one priority. Installing the proper safety equipment and keeping these chemicals out of their reach will go far in keeping your family members safe from all types of dangerous substances. Show your children just how much you love them, by keeping these items far away from their curious fingers.

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