How to Help Your Kids Keep Learning During the Summer

It’s super important for kids’ brains to stay active. It can seem hard to achieve that during summer break, when all they want to do is have fun! Here are a few ways you can try to help them expand their horizons and keep learning.

Encourage Them to Read

Reading is fun. Sometimes, some kids might not quite feel that way. Luckily, there are lots of ways that you can make it fun for them. One thing you can try is to read to them some of your favorite stories out loud, maybe before they go to bed. This way, they’ll become invested in the story and interested in reading. Many local libraries also have reading programs for kids, complete with prizes, activities, and special events. The libraries will also have a fantastic selection of children’s literature that is sure to excite and surprise them. If all else fails, you can institute your own rewards system to help encourage them.

Start Swimming Lessons

Learning doesn’t have to be only intellectual. Learning also encompasses new experiences, new horizons, and newfound skills. Swimming lessons can help your kids develop spatial awareness. It also can help them improve their balance, coordination, stamina, and strength. Kids often enjoy swimming, as well – it prevents an opportunity to get wet, splash around, and have a great time learning new strokes. Swimming lessons for kids will often include a healthy balance of practical swimming techniques, as well as fun pool games that your kids will look forward to. And, on top of all of that – they will know how to swim by the time that it’s over, freeing you up to take them to neighborhood pools or the beach.


Educational Games

In the age of computers and consoles, there is a wealth of great, educational games that are made for kids. That perfect balance of education and fun means that your kids will be asking to learn before long! Research what games other parents recommend on the internet, both in parenting blogs and in-game reviews. The answers are going to vary quite widely depending on the age of your kids. Games might be free-to-play and found on a website, or they might cost money for a console like an Xbox or PlayStation.

Again, learning is really about brain activity. It’s about expanding. While it sometimes can be frustrating when your kids refuse to do any traditional school learning during the summer, that doesn’t mean that their other experiences won’t help them learn other equally-important lessons.

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