How to Help Your Child on the Day They Get Braces


Everyone wants to have a smile they can feel proud to show off. For many people, that means getting braces. Braces are one of the best ways to make sure that the teeth are properly aligned and are straight. It’s also something that requires some adjustment on the part of the person wearing them. So what can you do to help your child make those adjustments starting from day one?

Help Them Manage Pain and Discomfort

Teeth don’t really like being told they have to move, which is exactly what braces do. The force that the braces exert on the teeth can leave the mouth feeling tender and uncomfortable. Then there’s the issue of the braces rubbing against the lips, which can get to be painful. Help them manage that pain and discomfort with methods like applying dental wax to parts of the braces that are rubbing and using OTC pain medication as directed.

Prepare Them Appropriate Foods

Because the mouth is going to feel tender for a bit, what your child eats may need to change a bit. There is, of course, the list of foods and drinks that should be avoided while wearing braces to prevent them from being damaged, but there’s also the matter of what is comfortable to eat to consider as well. Softer foods like smoothies and mashed potatoes are best for the time after getting braces. They’ll be easier to eat since they’ll be less likely to cause further irritation or discomfort.


Get New Oral Care Tools

Braces make it tougher to take good care of your teeth. Suddenly, there are a lot more nooks and crannies where particles of food can get stuck. That makes it easier for bacteria to eat away at the teeth and for cavities to form. It’s more important than ever for your child to take good care of their teeth. Oral care tools like floss threaders, special floss picks, and interdental brushes can help your child get to the spaces underneath the braces and in between their teeth easier. And the easier it is to take care of their teeth, the more likely they’ll be to actually do it.

A successful experience with braces starts from day one. Things like managing pain and discomfort, being careful about what is consumed, and using the right oral care tools can get your child off to a good start. It’s going to be a while before things go back to normal, so help your child make the necessary adjustments so they can have a beautiful smile when it’s time for their braces to come off.

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