How to Give Yourself an Edge When Job Hunting During a Recession

Job hunting under any circumstances is not an easy task. Job hunting during a recession is even more challenging. There will be more competition for each job, and every applicant will be putting their best effort into winning the position. For these reasons, it’s important to do what you can to give yourself an edge if you find yourself job hunting during a recession. Here are some ideas you might try.

Consider a Professionally Written Resume

A resume is much more than a list of your work experience over the past couple of years. Your resume should be a document that showcases your best self. One of the best ways to give yourself an edge while job hunting is investing in a professionally written resume. A resume that has been written or looked over by a professional is more likely to be read by potential employers. While investing in a professionally written resume will cost you some money, it will allow you to be confident that you are selling your best self to your employers.

Build a LinkedIn Profile

The importance of building a LinkedIn profile when job hunting cannot be overstated. A LinkedIn profile will show potential employees your talents, skills, and abilities. If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile (or haven’t updated it in a while), take some time to give yours a facelift.


Many LinkedIn users don’t realize that they can customize their profile headline. Don’t let yourself fall into that same position! A LinkedIn headline is like your elevator pitch to potential employers. Make each word count.

Present Your Best Self

A good resume and LinkedIn profile are important tools that can aid you on your job hunt. However, these tools cannot replace the impact of a great first impression. Many potential employers will hire based on their first impression of you. Take some time and prepare to present your best self for your next job interview. Make an effort on your physical appearance. Practice answering common interview questions so that you have an articulate response ready for your employer. Spend time thinking of your best strengths, as well as the ways you’re working on improving your weaknesses. Preparing physically and mentally for your interview will allow you to show your best self to your potential employers.

You can give yourself an edge in your job hunt by investing in a professionally written resume, building a quality LinkedIn profile, and preparing physically and mentally for your interview. These three suggestions will influence potential employers to see you as a valuable asset to their company.

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