How to Be More Conscious of What Your Teen Is Going Through


Having a good relationship with your teen is important so that your teen makes a healthy transition to adulthood. Much of this relationship involves being conscious of what your teen is going through. To help you be more conscious you need to build trust with them, watch out for signs of trouble, and know what to expect.

Build Trust With Them

Trust is something earned so you must work to build it with your teen. The way you build trust is through communication. To start, you need to set clear expectations and be consistent by doing what you say you will do. This way your teen will know what to expect from you and won’t resent you for your actions. You should maintain open communication with them and build in forgiveness so they know they can come to you when needed. Most importantly, you need to show you are a trustworthy person to them.

Watch Out for Signs of Trouble

Watching for signs of trouble in your teen is important. Teenage years are full of so much change and teens are highly influenced by things and people around them, so it is important to notice when things are off. An important thing to watch out for is mental health troubles. Half of all mental illnesses begin by age 14. Getting your teen help early will ensure they have an easier time through their teens.


Know What to Expect

It is important to know what is happening with your teen at each stage and why, so you know what they are going through. Starting ages 10-13, your child will have growth spurts, surging hormones, and body changes. At 14-16, your teen will continue to go through changes and will develop more psychologically and can be more self-critical and develop romantic feelings. In the stages of 17-19, your teen will begin to transition to adulthood and changes are related to their future decisions. Knowing these stages will help you know what to do to support your teen.

While teenage years are full of hormones and angst, you can be there for your teen as they navigate this changing time. Being conscious of what your teen is going through is so important in being there for them. When you are conscious of their life you will better know how to empathize with and help them.

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