How Learning Self-Defence Can Protect Women at Work

As a woman working in a STEM field, harassment in the workplace is unfortunately all too common. Women think about threats in their environment all the time. From childhood, you’re told to consider surroundings carefully. You’re warned to always be alert. For some, negative experiences have taught us not to let our guard down. Though this is all for good reason, it’s important not to let anxiety get the better of you. It’s possible to be aware, not afraid. 

Increased Confidence

Learning self-defence can arm women with more than fight skills. According to Urban Fit & Fearless, self-defence is a great way to improve self-confidence. This isn’t about being able to defeat an opponent. In fact, most martial arts teach that there’s nothing to be won in a fight. The real gifts of self-defence are an awareness of your coordination and ability to execute.

Another gift from self-defence training is that of mindfulness. In some ways, mindfulness is simply another word for awareness. Mindfulness is a calm type of awareness and contributes to a feeling of wholeness and harmony. It’s the opposite of a stressed-out, fight or flight response. A mindful state is opposite to a feeling of anxiety.

Not an Easy Target

Women who’ve studied self-defence know how to carry themselves and interact with their environments to have the best chance of defending themselves. The skills they learn help to mark them as difficult targets. The truth about predators is that they’re cowards. They’re always looking for the easiest target possible. By being alert, aware and confident women keep themselves from being easy targets.

The empowerment from self-defence skills also helps to keep women safe at work. Whether they work in an office, as a cop or in a store, women with self-defence training radiate self-awareness and control. Again, they’re unlikely targets. And if someone does comment or touch them inappropriately, they know how to react. According to, with sexual harassment running rampant in society, it takes an incredible amount of courage and strength to confront it in the workplace. Women with self-defence training know how to react effectively. This carries over into the workplace and the home.

Well-Rounded Women Are Effective Women

Learning self-defence makes a woman more well-rounded.  According to Steven Aitchison, self-defence classes teach resilience, self-control, and critical thinking. The best part of self-defence is knowing when to make your exit from a dangerous situation. Self-defence training gives women the skills to succeed in all areas of their lives. It also helps them feel ready to venture out into the world. They know that even if they’re alone, they’re not unprotected.

As a woman working in a STEM field, it’s important for you to learn how to be confident and how to protect yourself. Learning self-defence or martial arts brings a host of benefits, just one of them being the ability to protect oneself in a potentially dangerous situation. If women are to show their true potential and be able to be prepared for any dangerous situation, learning self-defence is essential. 

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