Home Safety: What to Watch Out for with Toddlers

Life with toddlers is packed full of a wide range of emotions, from the joy of big hugs and belly laughs to the excitement of passing big and small milestones. However, along with these special moments come risks as little bodies learn how to move around the house. To add an extra layer of protection for your toddler, look out for the dangers below.

1. Sharp Objects

Knife stands on the counter or razors in the bathroom might not be things you think about until they’re in the hands of your little one. Consider keeping these types of things in a locked drawer or cabinet with a childproof cover on it.

2. Small Objects

Change in the couch cushions, batteries from the remote, or even cotton swabs can be dangerous to young children. This is perhaps one of the most challenging safety hazards to keep under control, as almost everyone has small objects around their house. Do your best to try to clean up daily and consider taping remote backs shut so batteries can’t fall out.

3. Unsecured Furniture

Many children will go lengths to grab items that they want, which means climbing bookshelves and trying to stand on any piece of furniture they can. To minimize this risk, secure furniture like tables and bookshelves to the wall. It’s also vital to bind or cut the cords that are attached to blinds.

4. Uncomfortable Temperatures

The water in the bath should never be too hot, as this can result in burns on the sensitive skin of a toddler. If you can’t judge by feel, then invest in a high-quality water thermometer. Outside of the bath, the household temperature should also be comfortable. It’s recommended to keep the thermostat between 68 and 72 degrees. Heat and air conditioning maintenance can help ensure your HVAC unit is working correctly throughout the year.

5. Plastic Bags

Simple shopping bags can pose as suffocation hazards, so immediately place these in a hard-to-reach area. This goes for food bags too, as any plastic bag can be dangerous around a curious toddler.

Is Your Home Toddler-Safe?

While there’s no way to avoid 100% of accidents for toddlers, you can minimize the risk with the tips above. In addition to this, it’s important to pay close attention to your little one at all times (especially when they are quiet). As you make increased safety in your home a priority, you’ll find it’s easier to let your toddler explore without as much worry.

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