Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Newborn’s Skin Healthy

Newborns have very delicate skin. Because of this, their skin needs to be taken care of, and you must be gentle. Healthy skin for your newborn prevents discomfort because of skin irritations.


Peeling of a newborn’s skin is normal. This is what the skin does to adjust to being in a new environment. You can help this by hydrating their skin to keep it soft and prevent dryness. Use a baby moisturizer and practice good bath time hygiene by making sure baths are not too frequent, or too long. Make sure there is no harsh scrubbing and should use a cleanser for babies. Pat them all the way dry to prevent their skin from drying out further. You should also use lukewarm water, as hot water can also cause the skin to lose hydration.

Prevent Heat Rash

Heat rash is caused when your newborn gets too hot and sweat gets stuck in their pores. You can tell if your newborn has heat rash if they have itchy red skin, bumps or pimples, puffiness, or irritation. Heat rash can exacerbate eczema, a condition that continues into adulthood in most cases, though some children may outgrow it. Keeping your newborn cool can help to prevent heat rash. If they get too hot, you can cool them off by running cool water over their skin or apply a cool washcloth.


Nail trimming

A good way to help keep your newborn’s skin healthy is to make sure that their nails are kept short. Newborns don’t have much control over their limbs and so they can scratch their face. You can help prevent scratches by trimming the nails. You will want to make sure to do this correctly. The nails are soft so you can gently peel the nail back or cut them. Make sure not to cut them too short or use your mouth as both can leave a wound that could get infected. If you don’t want to trim the nails, you can also cover the newborn’s hands with socks.

Healthy skin is important in making sure that your newborn doesn’t experience discomfort. You can make sure to take care of your newborn’s skin by keeping it hydrated, preventing heat rash, and keeping your newborn’s nails trimmed. Be sure to talk with a doctor if there is anything out of the ordinary with your newborn’s skin to ensure optimal health.

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