Health Milestones Your Kids Shouldn’t Miss

As your kids grow up, you want to make sure you are doing all you can to keep them healthy. One of the best things you can do for them is to make sure they experience all the important health milestones. These milestones will keep them on track to have a healthy life.


One of the marvels of modern medicines is the invention of vaccines. Vaccines take a dead or weakened part of the virus or bacteria that causes a disease. This is injected into the body to allow it to create antibodies without actually becoming infected. According to Stanford Children’s Health, being vaccinated protects your children from diseases that used to be quite common and deadly. There are many vaccines that your child needs to receive. Many of them are given within their first year. It’s important to be well informed of the schedule these vaccines will follow. You also need to keep a complete record of all the immunizations they have received.

First Dentist Appointment

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to take preventative measures, like visiting the dentist. If you put enough effort into prevention, it’s less likely that your children will develop other serious problems. When going to the dentist, your child’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned. A dentist can also help identify any poor oral hygiene habits and they can look for early signs of dental problems. It’s important to get your kids to their first dentist appointment as soon as it is necessary. According to Maccaro Pediatric Dentistry, kids should go to the dentist six months after their first tooth grows in. They should then visit the dentist every six months.


Annual Check Ups

In the first few years of your child’s life, you will likely attend many visits to the doctor to make sure your child is developing in a healthy way. However, as they get older, according to the CentraState Healthcare System, they should still see their doctor at least once a year. These yearly checkups are a way to monitor your child’s growth and become aware of any issues. A doctor will measure things like height and weight and they may also ask about your child’s eating and exercise habits. Annual checkups are also an opportunity to screen for any potential issues that your doctor can then monitor between visits. Again, prevention will help problems from developing or becoming worse.

Your child’s health is extremely important and until they are old enough, it’s in your hands. There are many health milestones you need to make sure your child meets. Doing so will keep them on track for a healthy life.

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