Female postdocs are more positive about their career success

Female Scientist

Rachel Bowden reports that female postdocs are more positive about their career success to date than other female academics. Her blog, looking at female post doc attitudes, suggests a more positive outlook for younger generations of scientists.  There is also the implication  of greater availability of flexible working is having a beneficial effect on career development.

The gap between men’s and women’s careers in academia in the UK is closing

Women are  becoming  more ambitious, according to the ASSET summary report published earlier this month.

The 2010 survey found that women are increasingly likely to aspire to senior leadership positions.   In addition women are just as likely as men to hold posts such as head of research and director of postgraduate studies.

To view the full article see http://blogs.nature.com/naturejobs/2011/06/30/female-scientists-in-uk-report-improved-prospects—but-theres-still-a-long-way-to-go


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