Factors That Can Make It Harder for Your Kids to Learn in School

School is a great place for kids to learn the information they need to know for the rest of their life. Many kids will do just fine in school, while some may struggle. Factors that make it harder for your kids to learn in school are attention disorders, learning disabilities, and anxiety or stress.

Attention Disorders

Attention disorders, such as ADHD, can make it hard for your kids to learn in school. It is important to recognize attention disorders to know how to help your kid. Inattention and hyperactivity are the behaviors associated with ADHD. It is important to know that all children may experience one or all these kinds of behaviors, but it doesn’t mean they have ADHD. Kids may have a combination of both, making it hard for them in school. Diagnosis of ADHD is based on the criteria of having symptoms in two settings and lasts for six months.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities can affect the ability for your kids’ brain to send, receive, or process information. This could be expressed in trouble reading or speaking. Therapy can help kids develop better language skills where traditional education can’t, according to Brandhorst Specialized Therapy. Many traditional educators aren’t trained on how to help the child depending on their skill and age. A therapist can give your kid more time and attention to focus on improving speech. Other professionals can help with reading, writing, math, comprehension, etc.


Anxiety or Stress

Oxford Learning tells us that school can lead to feelings of anxiety or stress. When stress increases this can make it hard for your student to focus. Focusing on their work can be the source of stress which creates a vicious cycle. Your kid may feel anxious with the work they have to do or being around other students. Some signs your kid is feeling anxiety or stress are procrastinating their work or difficulty focusing. They may feel reluctant to go to school or have behavioral changes like mood swings or withdrawal.

For your kids to continue to grow and develop, their learning is essential. It is so important for you to recognize if your kid struggles with attention disorders, learning disabilities, or anxiety or stress. Knowing these things can help you find the help your child needs to be successful in the classroom.

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