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Beyond Work Life Balance: How To Create A Balanced Life

About this event

When: Thu, 5 May 2022, 17:00 – 18:00 BST

Where: Online


Work is one of the many aspects of our lives. When it starts invading the time we spend with our families and eating up the moments we have just for ourselves, it generates an imbalance that disturbs all other areas of our lives.


  • how much of your time do you currently dedicate to work?
  • in your dream life, how much of your time would you dedicate to work?
  • what is one area of your life you wish you had more time to invest in?
  • on a scale from 1 (not at all) to 10 (totally), how satisfied are you with your current experience of work/life balance?

The objective of this session

To show you how re-thinking the place of work in our lives can help us create a way of living that is more balanced and all-encompassing. In addition to the general reflection, you will get ideas and tools to explore and implement in your own life so that you can create a more harmonious rhythm where there is time and space for what matters the most.


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About the speaker

This event is lead by Noemi Poget, a life coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs find balance in their life. Her main areas of expertise are mindset, work-life balance, and leadership.“Coaching is my contribution to building a fair and peaceful world. I believe that if as individuals we enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, we build societies based on respect where each and every one of us can fully express their unique talent and beauty.”


As a life coach I help uncover what people truly desire and bring it to life.

My previous career path has led me from academic research in papyrology to providing emergency medical care as a paramedic. Along the way, I have released various publications as a researcher and journalist. I have also coordinated teams of 4-5 people on projects related to healthcare and education while opening my yoga school.

Website: /



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