Do You Want to Change Careers? Here Are 3 Areas to Look Into

If you’re a mother and wanting to switch careers to something that allows more flexibility, there are many great options. Mothers these days want to be able to balance a career with motherhood. Technology, advances in medicine, and the housing boom have created many flexible career options for mothers. Some of the more flexible career options mothers can pursue include data science, flipping houses, and biomedical engineering.

Data Scientist

Data scientists take data and analyze it with the goal of reaching a certain conclusion. Kate Strachnyi explains, “because of the high demand and flexibility, data science is a great area for mothers to get into.” Women looking into data science as a career start by getting a Bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, math, physics, or some other related field. Then, they get their Master’s degree in data or another related field. After that, they look for a job in the area they want to work in, such as health care, physics or business.  

Flipping Houses

While home prices are high, mortgage rates have dropped really low. This can make flipping houses a great way for moms to earn a living. When looking into flipping houses, you need to think about what kinds of properties you want to specialize in and get advice from other people who have flipped houses. You can also get advice from pro investors who are experts in the area you’re looking into. Tarek and Christina explain, “a good way to start working with investment properties is to investigate foreclosure and pre-foreclosure homes.”  

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers apply engineering principles to develop machinery and technology that fulfill different medical needs. They may help develop artificial organs, surgical robots, advanced prosthetics, new pharmaceutical drugs, or machines used in kidney dialysis. Top Masters in Healthcare explains, “biomedical engineering majors can specialize in bio-instrumentation, biomaterials, biomechanics, and many other fields. Women interested in getting into biomedical engineering will need to get a degree in a discipline like biomedical science or engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or physics.”  

These are just three areas mothers can get into. When looking at career choices, mothers should consider what they like, how much time and money they have to invest in education or expenses, and what sacrifices they’ll have to make when getting established in their new career. It’s possible for mothers to have a career that pays well and provides more flexibility, but they’ll have to make sacrifices in the beginning so they can have that work-life balance and higher pay after they‘re established.

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