Chores You Should Be Giving Your Kids Around the House


One of the most fundamental aspects of parenting is teaching your children about responsibility. And where better to begin than in your own home? By learning to do chores of various levels of difficulty and complication, your children will grow those important habits of cleanliness early on. They will also come to expect that cleanliness from themselves as grown, autonomous adults.


Let’s start with the basics! Not only is the cleaning of the household’s clothes a small but significant way that your child can help support the entire family, but it is also a must-have skill for the future. The maintenance of one’s appearance will become essential for them once they move out of the home to university and beyond. Teach them the difference between detergent and soap and softener, as well as the best practices for sorting by color and material. Tedious as it may seem to them, that knowledge will remain something they will undoubtedly use in the future—no matter where they are or what they do.


Another essential habit is simply the general maintenance of the cleanliness of the house. It will certainly be a benefit to you, as cleaning your home’s flooring prevents health hazards like dust and pests. Regular dishwashing will prevent mold and disease from forming. By learning to sweep and mop the floors, scrub the bathrooms, take out the trash, and wash the dishes, your child will develop into the ideal roommate! Not only for your home, but most importantly for their future homes. After all, cleanliness is that basic adult skill that many adults seem to lack.


Yard Work

Last, don’t forget the outside! Whether you have a lawn or a garden or simply some shrubs, it’s important to help your children understand the importance of the outside as well as the inside. Knowing how a mower works can also help prepare them for their first neighborhood job. Knowing how a garden works can give them invaluable life skills and nutritional knowledge. Remember: tailor your child’s outside chores to your outside.

Of course, every family is different. Every child is different. Their needs and their understanding of responsibility are going to be as different as they are. And that’s okay! The key is to understand what they need to learn, and to help them develop those essential abilities for their impending adulthood. And by being cleanly, hardworking, and prepared with the experience of these simple chores, your child will be more than ready.

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